RTS Marvels AoE III Definitive Edition vs AoE IV

I dedicate this topic for AoE users at large to share their view or experiences on which one is a hit and how, AoE III Definitive Edition or AoE IV.

(note: - not the older AoE III but the much updated AoE III Definitive Edition)

(Edit; - The topic is not a problem as it meant to intiate a forum for general views on AoE III D.E. vs AoE IV)

I love them both but 3 is still my favorite game.

I like the unit graphics on 4 and the terrain graphics on 3!

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that’s funny cause I actually dislike the terrain graphics of AoE3 DE. That said, it’s a wonderful game, filled with strategy and gameplay variety. Honestly, I feel like AoE4 could have been more ambitious in its gameplay, perhaps borrowing some of the more interesting mechanics of AoE3, like deck system and cannonball physics. Ultimately though, I think AoE4 is the better game and kind of a dream come true for me, as an age of empires fan (I also like aoe2 btw)

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