RTX 3080 Multiplayer Games Crash To Desktop without error


I have an RTX 3080 Gaming Z Trio 10GB PC, Ryzen 5 5600x, 16GB 3200MHz ram, and have tested this machine on other PC games.

Only on AOE II: DE the multiplayer games crash to desktop randomly without error, usually right after I stop controlling my (20ish) stack of military units. This has never happened to me before when I was using RTX 3060 TI (different graphics card), though. Maybe the graphics card is at fault but it’s difficult to pinpoint the problem when this does not occur with any other game titles.

I have attempted restarting my PC, updating the drivers again, playing around with the NVIDIA control panel to limit the FPS and other settings, increasing virtual memory, nothing worked.

I would upload the most relevant game logs (I couldn’t find anything suspicious in them) but it appears that I am still a new user in the forum and am not allowed to do so.

Any suggestions are welcome, I am really keen on getting over this as I love AOE 2: DE multiplayer games…

Thank you!

Same thing happens to me I have 1k+ games rtx 2080 and i9 9900k and 16gb ram and the game randomly quits without any errors however I have the error logs in my computer. The problem occured recently like in the past 3-4 days very frequently.

Hey @GoofyWall386651 @ObtuseRock,

The best solution will be that each of you fill up a bug report in the related section (even if the result is the same, the source of the problem is maybe not the same). Don’t limit your bug report to the provided template, give as much information you can. Be sure you will be allowed to upload files as soon as dev/mod sees your respective bug report (don’t forget that you can edit your message as soon as you will be allowed to upload files).

It happens for AMD and Intel graphics user also.

From my experience the best thing you can do is to restart the game every 60mins.
Basically every 2 games, or even every game, if you played in post imp.

For me that reduced the likelyhood of crashing a lot.
Now I don’t even know when I crashed last time.
Before I restarted, I crashed daily, sometimes multiple times in one day.