RTX 3090 100% GPU Usage, Updated Drivers

As the title says. GPU Usage is at 100%, I have updated drivers already. When I try to stream it lags my stream and gets a frame drop, I have gigabit internet connection so it’s not that either. This is only a problem with AoE4. I have switched my encoding and still nothing. Any tips helps. Thank you!

I want to add I have a Ryzen 7 5800x, 32GB DDR4 RAM, I play at 1440p at 165Hz

Seems to be issues with higher end PC’s at the moment. I have a similar setup and have the same issues, as well as massive FPS drops from time to time. I think they know of the issues and it’s on their list of things to fix.


Appreciate it! Thanks for the info I’ll be waiting patiently to stream lol

I have the same problem with a Rx6900xt and a Ryzen 5800x. Also 100% utilization of the graphics card. I’m afraid that the card will break at 2h to 100%

Graphic card using 100% cant break. Lower the graphics and change speed in bios to higher to lower the heat. The heat will break yout graphic card and not the usage. Reply will screenshot and i will help you :slight_smile: