Runestones or Arabia

Hello guys,

Just wanted to share my disappointment about having in the same 1v1 map pool for many months now Arabia AND Runestones…Can’t we just have a break and exchange runestones with another more interesting map to play on? Or replace arabia with runestones sometimes to satisfy everyone, because having both map in the same mappool is kinda redundant.



I agree, that this is s bit pointless. The maps are so similar. Barely a point to have them both in the mappool at once.

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Can’t you just ban one of the two?
For people that love open land map, having both could be enjoyable.

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Usually it was gold rush or something else(open land maps) instead of runestones. Having few of those isnt that big of a deal, having only 1 ban when playing TG-s solo is the real problem.
Currently I wanna ban atleast 3 maps, bf, arena and fortress.


just because someone has a different vision for the game doesnt make them toxic. the way you treat everyone who disagrees with you though…

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Agree with you :slight_smile: i’m tired of them.

Arabia and Runestones are too similar to begin with, these 50-60 trees per woodline is a repetitive global feature we see in EVERY map, including Megarandom. At one point back at the first couple of months of DE someone made a poor decision and now we’re all paying for it.

Remove Runestones.
Rename Arabia to Desert.
Add the original Arabia we had for 20 years to the pool.

The situation is kinda absurd.


Tbf they aren’t the same map and they can play very differently earlier in the game, in aoe2 terms.

Arabia is way more open, much more elevation preventing TC placement, harder to even wall without gaps, nevermind the distance between trees.

I’m assuming anyone that thinks the two maps play the same, is the type of person that is more obsessed with nomad,arena or another niche map.

Unfortunately for you, you are the minority.

If they remove runestones they need to fix arabia

Imo they should rather add more maps to the pool (for variety) along with a lot more bans. As it stands the elo fluctuation is likely too great based on the map you get. ie someone will be much better at arena, but they lost all their games on the open pool, so by the time they get arena or closed map, it’s a skew match.


Agree, as long as Arabia is in the current state we need Runestones as replacement for the former arabia.
Don’t say Runestones can’t be improved a bit still, but it’s definetely closer to the former Arabia than current arabia.
I like we have Runestones also.

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