Rus able to get 1000 gold from kill wolves on Warring Islands

Not a bug, but map design problem. One of the reason I always skip the map.

Can easily done with 1 arrow ship walking by and kill wolves, even without it Rus always likely the best civ on the map.
Using this means Rus can age up age3 faster than anyone and even stronger.

Around 25-35 wolves on two islands in the middle, and your starting island could have up to 5 wolves. Possible for Rus to kill 40 wolves able 8-9 mins for 1000 gold. Which I could up age3 before 9mins, age4 before 11mins with fishing and arrow ships.

Personally I would say pure water map shouldn’t be on competitive map pool and focus on hybrid maps.

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Thanks @NyanRacinCat. You have been heard; we’ll check into what’s best here. Appreciate it!