Rus Castle Watch in wooden Fortress is it working?

Is the Castle Watch technology upgrade to increase sighted range + 6 tiles. Is that really working because i don’t see the radius or tiles move further out when i upgrade this technology.

Its working.

No castle watch is 14 tiles range

With castle watch is 20 tiles

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hmm so is this just to extend watch when the map is concealed? If i explored that area already, would the castle watch even be beneficial ?

Thank you for looking into this.

I’m not sure I get your question. It extends both the explored area and the fog of war, allowing you to see enemy units from father away, so it definitely has a benefit. Maybe my screenshots are unclear because mine always look bad bc of some HDR issue’s.

Bumping this tread because I noticed the castle watch upgrade not giving any more LoS if its build in a stealth forest. Not sure if that is intended, so i’ll post it in this tread.

Build :8324

Issue: Wooden fortress gives 10 (maybe 9) LoS in stealth Forrest regardless of castle watch upgrade.

Expected behavior: Expect the LoS to increase by any amount. Fortress gives 10 instead of 14 LoS in stealth forest so I would expect it to go to 14 or something, maybe this is an intended balance issue, who knows.

Steps to reproduce: Open an explored Rus skirmish on highview and place some wooden towers