Rus Cav archer too OP xD

I don’t know what I should say about this unit…
If mass-created, they are unstoppable as it is cheap, got high damage, high armour, long-range and high health…
Which unit can stop it?
It has everything it needs…
Nerf it immediately!

This is a good question and I I’ve gotten a good answer for you. You need to have Mass horsemen + archer to deal with Cav archer which is usually paired up with scouts.

Currently working on a video where I explain in detail with some of the games I’ve had on how to deal vs them, but mean while I can say that next time you face a rus player who opens many scouts and seems to do Professional scout. Your immediate gameplan has to be open 2 TC even if they try to be aggressive from feudal. You can defend just fine. Then the moment you start to see professional scout or a landmark for Castle. send 1 villager to all relics and wall them with a small square. This is because Cav archer cannot kill walls. Then another thing you got to do is add a 3rd TC after you see professional scout or him moving hunts. A much more clear action the RUS will be doing is purely gathering food/wood. If you see any other resource being gathered then that rus is probably not doing Fast castle so you won’t have to worry much but still play accordingly. Then unit wise you need archer as he will probably get castle before you. This archers are not to fight him but to scare him whenever he tries to fight near a TC if he forces too much get vills in and take the fight, he loses more. Then start building 5+ stables and 30+ vills on food. Also do both ranged armor at the blacksmith and as soon as possible start doinge horsemen and after reaching Castle upgrade them. Now from here you play Archer/horsemen if you scout he plays Cav archer + anything but knights/MAA. The moment you see these change archers to Crossbow and play crossbow/horsemen if maa or knights.

I’ll show explain more on the vid after its done.

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Its just the same as french early knights or english longbows. Quite strong if you get a nice timing on them, still strong if you can get a decent mass but can get countered if noticed. Horseman, archers, towers will be fine for this.

They are good vs any non-siege right now, even archer.

50% more exepensive, but their stat is close to 50% more with higher base damage to handle heavy unit.

I was able to counter it with horsemen but I lost too many.
I trained about 55 horsemen and he had 100 horse archers…
It is damn cheap to mass-produce this unit and his ally would come with fire lancers and burn my landmarks in a second xD

You can not compare team games with 1v1. Its a completly different world.