Rus foucs

it says the Rus focus is expansion, cavalry, hunting.

But the Rus had a HUUUUUUUUGEEEEE influence in trade. Their “expansion” was driven by trade. that’s the reason they sought to expand, they could sell furs and make an insane network between central /western europe and through the steppes.

I’m glad theres changes being made etc, but i can tell that the developers first thought of this civ as having a bigger trade influence, that’s why the trade house building is there, as well as in a previous patch it literally said in the description, “Trade” for one of their focus.

I suggest that the devs revise and consult with other historians, I myself am a college professor, not in history, but that would be my next to go to (american / world hist 1301 intro) to be specific if i had to change focus, so,
as a hobby-historian, i’d like to suggest that the focus changes a bit from sooo much hunting ingame, and adds some aspect of better trading.

From a gamer’s perspective: i know the TH is busted, but the hunting early game is just a lot and idk, like it doesnt integrate as well late game as you’d like, like it’s missing something. I feel like I’m playing some hybrid or different civ, not an actual Rus civ from the history books. it needs something to make it feel more “Rus”

No comments on horse archers, or their metas, i’m strictly commenting on their showcase representing an ancient powerhouse empire that led to modern Russia

For a bit of reference:

^^How Rus (ukraine) developed into modern Russia (and explains their reason for expansion

^^tatars, cossacks, & Rus interactions in the steppes with decaying Mongols

And the channel Kings and Generals on youtube provides plenty great pointers as well, i don’t like to recommend their channel because the guy bores to death i can’t watch one of their vids for more than 10 seconds before the guy’s voice makes the ears scream, but : Slavs and Vikings: Medieval Russia and the Origins of the Kievan Rus - YouTube

What these showcase and have in common, as well as plenty online articles by scholars, is the Rus focus in trade. I like Rus ship mechanic, it does make it feel more “eco oriented”, but in land maps,

I feel it’s always just rush age 3 go full military and trade is nonexistent other than through busted TH value

idk, just a thought. If you’re a strict gamer, prolly wont care. if you’re a history buff, you’ll care. i’m both a gamer and history buff, so both being accurate and playable matter

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Yup, one of their main feature is their Age 2 Landmark… THE GOLDEN GATE. It’s face/feature is fully covered by… “TRADE”. Can you play Rus on this game without trading? I can on other Civs. But on Rus, they have to Trade or they die.

right, it’s just ONE landmark. I wish there was more to it.

like the hunting is a lot, i like it, and to most of my friends they say it’s beyond overwhelming they stay away from this civ, but i wanted idk something more interactive with the trade

Golden gate is S-tier landmark. It can immediately give you 300 stone and you can put down a second Town Center. Its pain in the ■■■ for every other civ to mine 300 stone + 50 wood + villagers. It gives best eco boost in early game and late game it is very useful for balancing eco. If you need just 10 resource and you are isolated its pain to have to put market first and then trade at really bad rate. Especially when the resource is needed for age-up.