Rus Hunting Cabin Gold generation

I’m assuming it is supposed to reduce as you chop the wood, it does this in the campaign an earlier build of the game, it does not however reduce even if all trees are removed in multiplayer games or skirmish which use the current build.

Hey @Andredeswold!

Are you saying that in Skirmish/MP Hunting Cabin isn’t affected by number of trees, while it is during the campaign?

I want to make sure I know exactly what you mean before I log it.


yes, in the Campaign the number of trees around the hunting cabin seems to be tracked, while it is only logged in skirmish at initial placement

This means that in skirmish or multiplayer putting down a cabin that generates 30gold/min will always generate that value, even if all the trees are removed. In skirmish/MP the hunting cabin only logs the initial number of trees around it, it does not track as they are reduced.

In campaign if you put down a cabin that generates 30gold/min it will gradually lessen the amount given as the trees around it disappear.

There was a dev note related to this, the gold count doesn’t reduce even if you chop down the trees. The gold income will be fixed based on the trees around it on deploy so it should be fine, i don’t know if it should be this way in the campaign too. I think it should.

Got it! We are now tracking this internally. Thanks, all!