Rus hunting cabins

First for the youtube lesson on how hunting cabins work:

Hunting cabins generate gold based on the number of trees around them. This is annoying for a few reasons.

  1. You can’t plant new trees. Thus, its impossible to min/max a hunting cabin.
  2. If you cut down trees (cause you need wood) you will destroy your gold income. :frowning:
  3. Passive gold gen like this leads to a gold glut. The gold mines NEED to be mined out, in order to clear room for other stuff. This just creates an economic glut where the rus can just spam hunting cabins, and then never build traders. Without traders, they don’t have an economy supply line to harrass/defend which makes them very annoying for turtling.

A much less annoying mechanic would be if hunting cabins generated wood.

Speaking of turtling, the rus don’t get stone walls. But, they DO get keeps. And their wooden walls are super strong, which contributes to a glut of stone. So, instead of walls, you get rus players who build rows of keeps. -_-

I actually think giving the rus stone walls would make them less turtly, just because they would instinctively go to build with stone (a limited resource) and then run out of stone and not build those rows of keeps…

This is incorrect, the gold is calculated based on the number of trees around the cabin when it is built and does not reduce if you cut down the trees.


Nice to see GUA teaching class. He knows the game super well.

You think stronger walls would make them less turtly? I don’t follow that logic at all.

They only have a glut of stone as you say if they choose to mine a bunch of stone. Those villagers could be gathering other resources that actually contribute to military.