Rus Mastery

Hello, i having issues with the mastery lvl jumping from 11 to 12, i have tried more than 4 times fullfilling it, it says "invest 2 tech in the High Armory and then produce 20 siege units (in the imperial age) yeah of course its in the imperial age as for that landmark is to jump to that age…so it sounds pretty much “simple” collect resourses get to imperial Age, invest on 2 random techs in the HA and then produce 20 siege units…well its not working :slight_smile:
Doing a 1v1 against Hard IA…i dont know if its a known issue or not, but i cant see anyone else with this one problem :S

Hope you can help me! loving the game so much!

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Try just taking all the high armory upgrades and making 20 siege units for which the upgrades are applicable to. Not sure if that’s what they’re trying to say.
For instance: Fine Tuned Guns and 20 bombards then Banded Arms and 20 springalds, then the other upgrades just for good measure.

Would need to know specifically what upgrades you took and how many of what siege unit you produced after that for the devs to try to replicate the bug. I managed to get this particular mastery without any issues, can’t remember what I did specifically to get it though.

Mmm… i will try what you say. Im pretty sure that i did not invest in all 4 upgrades. just 2 and not sure if i used the same siege units for what i invested, maybe thats the issue…many thanks i will try it out! ;D

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