Rus needs a slight bounty nerf

Rus Kremlin is exceptional defensive and oppressive at the same time. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of the other feudal landmark.

I suggests 2 things occur:

  1. Reduce bounty/gold generation by deer from 10 down to 7 and wolves from 25 down to 19.
  2. Golden gate tickets EACH generates 50 bounty per usuage and you still keep the marketing effects.

This overall will slow down RUS especially kremlin Rus meanwhile revitalize golden gate as the eco approach it SHOULD be.

So for 2, 7 packs of deer and 4 wolves youll go from 240g down to 174g. Rus will still be able to age arond the same time with hunting cabin gold adding easily 40g in 2 min. This would also make the bounty farming much more critical for rus to get right, given now its always an upheal battle for enemy 1-2 scouts vs RUS 3.