Rus next patch

Doesn’t matter if Rus attack ships lose to age 3 ships (if they even do after the last bugfix for them) since Rus just kill all their opponents docks in feudal.

Yeh ok thats viable in 1v1s but in 3v3 or 4v4 the maps are huge and very easy to drop another dock and then you get 2 ships up and its game over for the Rus player on water… because you litterally do zero damage.

Its dumb and the complete opposite of balance.

Early knights now uselss because spears have +18 attack in age 2 and just melt you if they breath on you.

And French knights are faster and stronger.

I haven’t seen the breakdown after the bugfixes that were applied, but originally Rus archer ships beat any ship at equal resources since they are so insanely cheap.

Maybe russian player need a landmark with double merchant production?

A special building on stone with autocollection and give you free unit when you need?

And maybe you need a special character like vladimir poutine on a bear that can revive for free and harass TC with nuclear bomb?

The problem of the vast majority of russian civilisation player is the player not the civ.
if you wanna play in the hardcore mode go play abaasid in 1vs1 and you will see what hard mode is.
0 speed production boost on unit 0 unique unit (usefull), oblige to farm every ressource etc.

Rus late game will be extremely strong after China bombard nerf. 13.5 range springalds can give you full siege advantage. Unless opponent is going full cav I don’t think there is an easy counter to it.

Bummer. After I just learned the basic gameplay of playing Rus, it got nerfed.

I was having fun. And happy while it lasted.

I loved playing Rus. Here’s my replay against Hardest English AI without abusing AI’s weakness of being rushed.

Oh well…