Rus next patch

So, after reading the new patch notes i have come to the conclusion rus will no longer be worth playing and i may as well learn to main delhi or abassids, with the nerf to rus late game bombards and the scout again, their early game is gonna be so bad.

I suggest you try abbasid so you’ll find out, actually I should play delhi

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Don’t forget Fishing which was a Rus strength. Rus going to be really not worth playing now along with China.

Theres a reason Rus is now the least picked Civ in the game lol… absolutely trash

Mongrols still top S tier lol

Ahh maybe Rus needs to be retuned but many things about them have been or are still very OP…

Rus fishing ships do not have to return to dock to drop off food… even with the 2 bigger water maps removes that’s still a HUGE eco buff over other civs.

Rus can still switch their ships from eco to attack to eco units…the real reason RUs is king water.

Horse archers get the most buffs of any units in the game to include a max 6.5 attack range (aka longbow on horseback).

Streltsy anyone remember this unit?

Rus still has plus 2 range on springs and still faster reload on their siege?

So if I hear this correctly yall upset that being able to turtle safety to castle using the best market rate in game, is now going to be less safe you suppose Rus is dead??

yeah only really matters if you can keep water for the whole game, which after castle is hard given they have no other naval option of equal strengths to other civs.

is this the same horse archers that received a very heavy nerf and are now not so good?.

literally the only other unit along with knights of any use.

the faster reload is going to receive a nerf, the +2 on springalds is not exactly game breaking.

but with pro scouts being nerfed, then the scout now costing more as of next patch, countering scouts going for hunts will literally cripple rus in feudal age, so yeah rus will not be worth playing.

P.S the game is slowly becoming stale anyway. why did they also nerf scouts Cost directly?.

first raise elo before publishing, russian has heavy cavalry and is a good option on hybrid maps

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bro what do you mean raise ELO, so you say because my ELO is low i should not be entitled to an opinion, what a guy.

as i said the knights and streltsy are the only good options for Rus, boats are useful from late castle up until imperial, you even reading comments or just here to judge people based on ELO?.

Also is Rus, not “russian” O.o.

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If you have more experience in the game opinions will not be biased and give more value

how many hours you got?.

you say something like: it will not be worth it, please measure your words , many hours

i got almost 600 hours, also i play rus simply because i like their play style, one of the only civs that are still worth going pro scouts, my favourite early economy move, so taking that away from rus will be the same as taking the early game fun away from them, so for real, rus has its strengths, but its list of weaknesses is about to grow too. i also play french and english, both of which are in a good place if im honest.

but Rus attack ships are useless once you get past age 3 they do no damage to castle and imp age ships.

Fishing is also getting nerfed so that advantage for them is gone.

Streltsy has already been nerfed and their short range is pretty is too limiting, plus they are very slow… though they are a cool and decent unit been nerfed hard.

Springalds have been nerfed and can’t do damage to anything other than siege now so you can’t build too many as they take up a huge amount of pop cap being 3pop each.

Once your springalds are dead strelsty are very vulnerable to a mango shot.
Possibly streltsy and knights to kill mangos could be viable.
But still Rus is now the least picked civ in the game… its for a reason.

this is exactly what I’m getting at, next patch rus will be relatively useless in certain circumstances. but some people here are talking as if I’m referring to them in the current patch, with the way some people are in this community, Mongols, Delhi, Abbasids will be S tier civs with English, French, HRE being A tier civs and the rest will just be left to rot, that isn’t balancing, its called favouring certain civs.

Next patch denying HRE relics will only be getting harder if im honest, given the prelate buffs.

Imo it’s best to talk and compare the game experiences within ranges of skills kind of like how aoe4world does.

At your level you find the issues you mentioned a problem. I think what you’re saying is fair for your level.

The issues I see are if something were done to buff your experience would that buff also result in a buff for the higher tier players? And could it sustain balance?

For exampe at higher levels of play a Rus that dominates the water early won’t really care if it’s reclaimed opinion late game bc the tremendous lead they would have had for the early domination will absolutely carry over into the late game. Also the early domination will make it less likely that Rus can lose the water later on period.

Secondly the horse archer is still very strong and use to be utterly broken especially with the old 40% dps buff from incendiary arrows…

The water game will still be very strong, but I’m talking about land maps, on land maps you rely on that deer hunt at least i do anyway, so it costing more for scouts as well as previous nerfs makes going for pro scouts less likely, there for effecting rus over all, sure they have increased wood income when using the kremlin or the tower, but that means i wont have wood to spare for other units, which effects rus even more against civs like the English, they keep nerfing rus but refuse to touch mongols, but they also claim they want all other civs to play like the Mongols, in reality they are not keeping to their word and just doing random stuff, mangonels in the beginning did not need a buff but they got it, what is there reason for nerfing scout cost to 70?.

The scouts cost more because the scout unit is over performing ( and I argue still don’t cost enough). You get free gold trickle thru your hunting cabins, you get bounty thru killing animals. You don’t HAVE to get professional scouts, you can control the map and eat th deer where they lie. Rus get more passive early eco than brits, you don’t have to fast castle every game, you can absolutely hang feudal age with anybody… you have early knights and remember all that free gold? Your towers cost more but they are more cost efficient especially since they buff your wood gather rate.

Point being things are not as bleak as you claim it’s just the obvious OP playstyle has been relegated to the mean, now everyone actually has to out play the opponent to win, rather than just perfectly follow a macro build order and gg.

how do they over perform?.

sure hunting cabin gold is good, but you dont always get the chance to litter the map with hunting cabins for its eco bonus, i hand fuedal, i donot always fast castle, but sometimes fast castle is the best option against certain civs.

You get a unit that has one of the biggest LOS in the game that can carry deer and fight and seige and be a meatshield for only 60 food? So you know of any other unit as cost efficient and versatile as the scout? Even with animations cancel gone (hopefully) 70 food makes it the cheapest viable military unit in the game!!!

You can use sufficient number of scouts to semi counter archers, 60 food vs 80 resources? That seems fair? 110hp research 1 range armor upgrade and it would require 28 standard feudal age archer attacks to kill one scout?

Spreading hunting cabins is a mini game you should be constantly doing once you’ve secure your age, as you play back and forth fighting you have at least one villager putting your extra wood to use.

Again you have early knights by default you can put most civs on the back foot and dictate the pace. Brits of all civs should NOT be your worry.