Rus not having war masks on cavalry

The official videos and concept art literally shows cavalry men wearing war masks, please add war masks to Rus Cavalry as many of them look identical, it will be nice if horsemen can have masks, Even the official concept art shows cavalry wearing masks.

A mask from ukraine

Official concept art


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Looks like the Cumans in Kingdom Come Deliverance! I agree this looks cool they should add it.

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This is where you notice historical inaccuracies.
This mask is actually a Cuman mask. The Mongols also used these kinds of masks after integrating the Cumans. Then the Mongol Khan married their daughters to the Rus Prince. And they became half Mongolian. That is why you start seeing how similar the Rus are to the Mongols. To become the prince of the Rus, they needed to marry Mongol nobles. And all this information was left behind. Which is truly sad.