[Rus] Suggestion Hunting cabins should act as houses and provide population

This is a simple suggestion to make the mechanic more incentivized and less tedious. In a normal game you would need to have 15 - 25 hunting cabins (before May 2023 PUP) to maximize the gold trickle. If they function as houses then it makes more sense to spam them in that amount. They also become good targets for counterplay and you would have to defend them more.

They could also just get normal mills because as boar or deer don’t spawn that close to trees to make effective use of the gold generation. They are terrible as farm drop offs too because every other civ gets them for 50w or below while rus have to fork out 100w and they wont fit 8 farms if you put them near the treeline

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I saw someone post a suggestion of having them spawn 100f 5g hares every few minutes dependant on the surrounding tree count, and have this either balanced with increased cost, a feudal upgrade or a landmark. It wouldn’t be enough to replace farms, but it could mitigate the farm transition while staying very true to the spirit of the civ.

This might be a bonkers idea, but I think there should be an upgrade that allows them to produce horse-archers.

This could give them more tactical purposes of finding a treeline or using stealth forests to set up hunting cabin in position that allows you to build up a small harassment force, and come in with unsuspecting backline harassment with horse-archers led by a scout. Much in the spirit of how the Rus did a lot of their conquest, by predominatly doing mobile skirmishes.

hunting cabins are much more expensive than mill, and they are usually located near forest so it can’t be surrounded by eight farms. i agree with previous spekears this building need to be rewokred

Yes that’s why i think they should just make hunting cabins as house replacements for Rus and have normal mills available. Deer and boar rarely spawn next to a treeline to make effective use as “hunting” drop off and gold generation at the same time. As house replacements you will always have 12-19 of them in a real game without having to think much of it. Just balance the wood cost to maybe 80w if it totally replaces the house