Rush builds

Can anyone tell me why is chinese castle rush nerfed when, when 5 villiger english rush is a thing?
its just as stupid

Not really sure what the reference is. Are you asking why Chinese only construct keeps 50% faster than other civs? What is this 5 villager English Rush you speak of.

No. Im asking why is one possible, while the otherone is nerfed to the ground. They are equally dumb.
Before the nerfs china rush was a thing, they nerfed the building range.
This strat is just as dumb, but they are not acting accordingly. The nerfs are nowhere to be seen

Not sure what strategies you are talking about. I’m not familiar with a 5 villager English rush, and the nerf to keeps isn’t China specific. They nerfed keep range marginally so that they don’t outrange bombards, because bombards were a useless unit.

Are you talking about a barbican rush? From what I can see, that hasn’t been nerfed as a rush building (which was always kind of a meme)

Honsetly, wasn’t aware of this strat. Beasty actually just made a great video on how to counter it. It will likely get nerfed if it becomes common.

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the english 5 villager rush seems very high risk low reward I doubt it will get popular seeing how easy it is to counter