Russ exploit bug

this guy exploit russ relic bug

Video proof

It is assumed that with today’s patch the bug has already been fixed, when was it?

Its today , is not fix …

my last 3 game , each time one or two cheater .


LOL they really did not even fix this?

Now I know why am even scared to start the game. I could do imgaine how it might be even worse but it actually is after the patch :clap:

I had a guy in 1v1 have 6 relics…

Sometimes, the Rus relic bug goes the other way: when playing as Rus, your monks sometimes are unable to place relics into monasteries at all. So instead of gaining infinite relics, you are unable to garrison relics at all.

Sorry you ran into this @RickIkkI7961! I have logged it so the team can check it out. We appreciate you reporting this to us.