Russia AI issues (does not build houses, tries to build TP with Explorer dog etc.)

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  • GAME BUILD #: September PUP
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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In the September patch, the AI seems to be doing better (Thanks a lot for all the work!). The early-game of the Russian Hardest AI, however, seems to have been messed up. You can see this quite easily since throughout the game, Russia seems to have a very low score, and when I looked at the recording, I understood why.

There are several issues, which I’ll put down with pictures (I don’t know if it is useful to put all these issues in different posts):

Does not build a house. Despite having no population to train villagers. The wood was reserved to build a Trading Post. And the AI is trying to gather wood to build a house, if you look in the photo!!
I don’t know if that’s an optimal strategy for Russia play?

Meanwhile , explorer engaged a four-outlaw treasure with the explorer. The other AI have been very efficient at gathering treasures since the PUP. Russia AI hasn’t learnt yet?

Tried to build Trading Post with the explorer dog! This is hilarious lol.

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Very Frequently. In all the matches I played, the Russia AI has been trying to build a TP instead of a house. This may work for some civs, but here I don’t know if its good for Russia.

Sometimes it will train too many villagers and age up around 5 minutes and have no defenses. etc. when I already have an army and can kill it quickly.

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Have Russia as an ally or enemy in game.
  2. Observe AI behavior.

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This is the hardest AI - should know to execute a proper build order and respond to attacks or be aggressive. The AI was honestly very strong couple of months ago, can it be as strong and challenging (for casuals) as it was then?

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Record Game 2021-09-02 22-36-03.age3Yrec (13.3 MB)
In this game, all the above problems happen.

Here is another game where the Russia AI messes up a build order and dies pretty easily:
Record Game 2021-09-02 08-23-25.age3Yrec (7.5 MB)

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Thanks for your reports, this issues are known issues and are working to improve it. Have a good day!