Russia needs a nerf in early games

russia can mass a big army with no problem in age 2 they have th best rush


That’s basically why you play Russia. They are good early game but not as good late game. They do not need a nerf


The econ is pretty good now also. They have other options. If they boom they can outscale you quickly if you set up a defence you don’t need.

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Well at the same time Russian units are weaker than other to offset that.

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Russian units are weaker but also much cheaper. This is not a disadvantage for them at all. Maybe this is even their strength.
Apart from military they have much better eco compared to other aggresive civ (Aztec or Ottomans) with quicker and cheaper villagers.

dude they can make 3 vills they can have a bertter eco

@TANJIROU1995 Are you talking to me? I completely agree with you. I think you did not understand my comment :slight_smile:

actually russia is one of the best civ in the game for the late game ( sup ), why russia is a good pick in team ?

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Their not terrible but if I’m playing a long sup match into the late game or a treaty Russia does not perform as well as other civs due to their weak units