Russia rush in 4 minutes

I was playing with Japan and just got rushed by a Russia player who sent 25 strelet at just 4 minutes. I barely had time to age up and had no army, 4 minutes is way too early. Is it possible to beat that? Did the player cheat?


You sure it was at 4 minutes and didnt just feel like 4 minutes and was actually more like 8-10?

Also it is possible as Russia.

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Yes I’m sure, I checked post-game, exactly 4 minutes, 25 strelets on my base.

Hi @FourPoet709375,

Ranked game ?

Any replay to share ?

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Well russia can make their barracks in Age I saving time. He can send 13 strelets via homecity which adds alot and he only has to train one batch of strelet to reach that mark. It is doable.


There is a rush, which is as a team, where the Russian does not create villagers, they pass him food, then he grows old quickly, he rushes easily with the Cossacks and 13 stars, now if you tell me that he came with 25 it is impossible for me he could have been 23, but 25 impossible, 33 also seems too much for minute 4

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It would still be pretty fast, even for an expert AI skirmish.

  • As a Russian main myself, on average I age up with 900f politician getting me a blockhouse at minute 4:30 or around that.
  • Right after, I send 5 cossaks, though for this example let’s say I sent 13 Strelets, they might arrive at minute 5:15 (Haven’t timed shipments, it could be sooner).
  • Meanwhile the blockhouse from the age up is tasked to get built and to train a batch of strelets, let’s say they are trained when the shipment arrives.
  • Let’s assume that they march for 15 seconds until they get to the enemy base making this rush begin at 5:30.

*If I wanted to make more, I would be housed already, so the rush can’t be higher than 23 taking these steps (Unless you play in Deccan, because of extra starting crates).

With most civs you can beat a strelet rush by sending a single cavalry shipment to focus on economy.
Brits, dutch and others have 3 hussars age II for example.

But that’s just me, cheers.

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I’m sure about the 4 minutes (and a few seconds) as I checked post-game but I counted manually the strelets on the map so maybe 23 instead of 25. I guess that’s what happened, 13 from home city plus 10 from barrack (built just next to my base), in 4 minutes. I guess he didn’t cheat (I rarely played Russia so not sure) but I don’t think you can beat that anyways. With Japan at least you might be able to get either 5 yumis/Ashis or 3 samurais or 1 Damyo in 4 minutes but that’s pretty much it.

Mischkov - Yes, ranked game 1 vs 1. Sorry, no replay.


Not versus strelets my dude, they get kited and wrecked.
Any other military will do fine however.

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Thanks everyone for the interesting replies :slight_smile:

He probably cut some villagers from the usual 14v age up and got some food treasures and went for an 11v age-up all-in…not that hard to beat tbf.

You will have a lot of idle time but remember that he is all-in(ish) so you can afford it, try to keep only 10 villagers on tc and collect with the remaining villagers on the opposite side of where his army is.

Strelets have abysmal siege so he won’t be able to siege you down, if you see him aging up fast collect enough for minuteman(150f 150g) and send a military shipment first(preferably cav), you will be able to hold every Russian all-in just with that. OFC this doesn’t mean its over for him, he might be able to transition, but if you hold it right without vill loses you will be very ahead.

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