Russian priest clothing, Maltese priest clothing and Italian priest clothing rework

Devs think Russians priest clothes Replace with Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Cossacks 3 holding a book with the left hand rework

But Italians priest clothes for Replace with priest cardinal model The posture of with the rework

So the we need Maltese priest clothes Replace with to rework to Unique Maltese Faculty Clothing something


These are my modded priests for

(a simple model swap: units\infantry\hospitaller\hospitaller_01)

Italians: (a modded reskin made by me: a cardinal)


Wait,Have you made the Russian priest completely dressed in black for the Eastern Orthodox Church and the one with a book in your left hand

Sorry, I don’t understand. Are you asking if I already made it? Or are you ordering/asking me to do it?

Sure, asking you to do it for the Russian priest completely dressed in black for the Eastern Orthodox Church so i don’t ordering for you

These look great. Nice work.


Man, I really want to learn how to make mods like these. It’s just sad I lack time and source on where to learn it from.

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Maybe it’s worth adding a unique model for Priest from Germans civ? He could be called Prelate:


What do you think?
2 hours of work.


I certainly appreciate your opinion. While I can’t do anything about your lack of time, I can tell you that extracting files is not difficult. Modifying unit images in Photoshop isn’t too difficult either if you already know what you’re going to do. What mods do you have in mind?

You are Chinese, right? What information can you offer me regarding villagers? I want a male and female variant for Chinese villagers, but I can’t find images that inspire me enough to create them. Could you find me something?


Sure, I looked the mod Modify the Villagers of China and Japan for information, i Send a picture to you now something

I want a Byzantine civ mod (I know it’s too far fetched in AoE 3 timeline), some of the Chinese units could act as a base to make the Byzantines units.

Byzantine Armies AD 1118-1461 (Ian Heath, Angus McBride)

I can’t create the mod myself so I just give some ideas and hope this can get picked up

These are the garments of a Catholic bishop, any bishop of any country would wear a crosier, miter and cassock.
Although I believe they look alike, as I don’t know in depth, I think that the ideal for the priest of German civilization is to wear Lutheran clerical clothes, or to fully represent, that there are two models of priests that are randomly spawned, one one hour wearing Catholic vestments, another wearing Lutheran vestments.

There wouldn’t be any difference in the vestments of a Catholic Priest and a Lutheran Pastor.


Sorry, I forgot to share the link of the mod.

Wait! Your mod has not been completed yet. You need to make the French priest’s clothes with a left hand holding a book and a right hand holding a rosary but need to Mixed with French nuns. the Swedish and Dutch priest’s clothes with a left hand holding a book and a right hand holding a scepter, and the German priest’s clothes with a Lutheran religion. You need to do it again


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