Russian Strelets need more range buff in mid game

In age 3, there are a lot light range cavalry units which have more than 14 range since Aoe3 DE releases, strelets can’t shoot them because of its short range and even get hit and run by these countered units which is quite annoying. Range buff before age 5 for strelets is reasonable.
Here is my suggestion:
veteran upgrade: +1 range → 15 range;
guard upgrade +1 range → 16 range;
imperial upgrade: no range buff.


They’re fine as they are, even with a small range advantage it’s very difficult to kite strelets, they’re faster than normal skirms and also have 30% RR.

It would be nice however if russians could have sort of skirm auxilary to put in their deck, like jeagers or something.

Or if cav archers countered all cavalry like the tengri ones (be good for ottoman too).

eu já tinha feito um tópico parecido com o seu, eu acho que eles deveria ter uma carta de aumento de alcance junto com uma um aumento de dano e aumento de custo de mais 20% ou mais .

loooloooo nooo. If you buff Strelets Russia would be OP. Its my Main Civ. If you wanna buff them you can (maybe) spend them a Musk Upgrade in Age3 but its actually not really needed.

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