Ruyter name origin

I love the dutch, but where does the name Ruyter come from (the dutch dragoon) ?

I knwo it’a the name of a great dutch amiral (Michel de Ruyter), but for the unit, where does it come from?

If someone find something about that, thanks for sharing!

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Ruyter or Ruiter in modern Dutch just means horse rider.

Source: Me, A Dutch person.


Thanks mate. To be true, I was waiting for a dutch people to answer this.

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Ruyter in the game comes from a Dutchman named Michiel Adriaanszn De Ruyter (Michael de Ruyter). He whas a dutch admiral. I am Dutch and learned that in school History.

The historical Reiter is represented in the game by two units, the Dutch “Ruyter” and the mercenary “Black Rider” (German). Those two are somewhat connected in role and function with the Harquebusier, who were later transformed into Carabiniers or Dragoons.

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