SA Wanderlust card is akin to cheating

I just played a LONG (5 player FFA) game where one opponent went South Africa and used the Wanderlust card extensively. Can any dev please take a look at the stats below and say that this is intended use of the card? He could literally just make an infantry only army and stand still and not even 12-14 cannon would kill them. The wanderlust card should be capped to 4-5 shipments, else it ruins what could otherwise have been a fun and fair game.




Don’t forget the 1000 speed villagers. I have also played against this in a FFA and it is pretty annoying. Once I managed to defeat the army, he started teleporting all vills across the map and it was literally impossible to catch them all.


Indeed this is another insanely stupid result of this card in longer games which ruins them. I also have had to wall off the map entirely to stop 25 speed villagers from running around. It is simply a cowardly used card and it should be heavily nerfed or removed altogether.


Then be happy, for in the recent PUP, which is arguably going the next patch, it was no longer infinite and such situation like the one you were pointing out will not be possible anymore…
We just have to wait for the patch to arrive, which is another topic though


Aha? I can not find support for this in the PUP release notes, but I hope you are right.

i can confirm it. you can now only send it 2 or 3 times. some people now say SA revolt is useless without it, so idk if it will be in the patch at the end

on the other side, SA won a card that allows a capitol.

Not that hard with highlanders from barracks. Their addition was the last thing SA needed, becoming them OP in FFA, Empire wars, Treaty and Team games, easily lasting lomg enough

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You obviously don’t play much FFA do you…

Read again… It was an FFA game that went on for ages. These games tend to be long, as you obviously don’t know…

Well, if this crap card is the only reason ppl go SA (which it is) then its a good thing and easily fixed… Don’t go SA… -.-

slow smart cookie, what is SA?

If you’re playing for several hours it’s probably a good thing to have a feature that scales enough to be decisively game ending.

El topic es sobre SudÁfrica

Maybe kill dutch player first before he get there? Tbh the best strat for FFA is to be aggressive and attack. It will make the most fun. If everyone turtles, it is possible that no one ever attack each other. It is not fun at all. So stupid late gane cards like this is the only way to make that situation fun and worth playing.

I like to play FFA too. I usually check every one card and attack those with treaty deck (usually it is the lobby host funny enough). They won’t be able to defend themselves with treaty deck, so I can kill off them before they get too strong. If you allow them to survive to late game then their eco and army will apparently be stronger.

I’ve heard that Wanderlust will no longer be an infinite send with the next patch. I hope that now the benefit that it will bring with each send will be greater than only +5% HP. I consider that change to be an improvement for treaty and empire war games.

The Mayans have a similar problem to wanderlust: the population of holcan lancers grows indefinitely with each shipment. That causes them to eventually overwhelm any army. In addition, the Mayans had access to imperial improvements for their infantry and artillery.

due to the mechanics mentioned is that in the 60 min treaty games in atlas there are always players who choose to revolutionize to mayas or SA. The phenomenon worsens enough when it is also a game of empire wars.

There are other revolutions that have a “snowball” effect. But the strongest are SA and the Mayans. I guess after this patch the Mayans will now dominate the atlas map in 60 minute treaty matches. You will also see more revolutions like Haiti and Indonesia in treaty. Snowball mechanics should be reviewed to ensure they are not OP.

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that never happens in treaty. once hostilities have started, they no longer stop. They all make super fortified main bases, but almost always someone manages to breach those defenses or someone runs out of resources and can no longer train units. Also, SA is not a guarantee that the game will end quickly.

What you should resist is the players who set the conditions in the lobby of the game, not the card itself. The rookies start with sixty minutes of treaty resources, even with the Empire War option, and they screen players to ensure that their games are always low-level players, Mayans and South Africans are not worth mentioning in regular matches, and their transformation into monsters is completely artificial. Keep in mind that the standard treaty mode is only forty minutes and the standard resource start, which is the standard of the game, and I really hate that the game cancels the treaty ranking and makes these rookies rely on all kinds of conditions to bully new players

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I meant FFA, not treaty, just standard FFA where you can artack from min 1.

Yes agree. A lot of lobby host setbgame conditions that favour themselves. Large map high resources so it is impossible to rush.