Sack of Xiangyang

During the Sack of Xiangyang step in the Mongol campaign, the HuiHui Pao (which is supposed to have superior range) gets insta-killed before it can even attack the gate to the city. I was only able to tear it down by letting the ridiculous arrow fire slaughter my infantry standing idly in the shallows at the edge of the moat on the other side just so the thing could fire without getting sniped.

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You must engage the defensive towers on the wall 1st. Then you should be hitting the gate. Already completed the mission without any issue.

I did that. Slowly, painfully.
I destroyed the remaining walls on my side of the channel (because just right clicking attack on the towers on the far side and letting the HuiHui Pao get into the range it determines it needs results in a dead HuiHui Pao) and edged them in from the outside just out of their instakill range until only the gate on the other side was left. I clicked attack on the gate and, like dozens of the same before it, it decided it needed to get in range of the instakill tower (was it the keep maybe?) and it died in a quarter of a second.
I didn’t take any screenshots at the time.

What I did is after noticing how crazy the range of those towers on the walls, I used my Hui Hui Pao to destroy all the towers on one side that are facing to my units. To do that, you should move your Hui Hui Pao right in front of that tower to destroy it. if you try to take it out from the left or right side, other towers shoot and destroy it. So just keep repeating it. It takes a little bit of time but it works xD

No, that’s what I’m saying… I could have it far back way out of range and in a straight shot to the tower/gate on the far side, then initial an attack click.
The HuiHui Pao moves by itself into the maximum range it needs, but that range gets the things killed by the towers/keep/whatever on the other side.

I had the same frustration you did. I destroyed everything I could and still got insta-killed. The trick is to use the Imperial Falcon so that you can see and target the Keep with the HuiHui Pao, then you can hit it. It seemed obvious once I did it, but it was so aggravating until then.


I had to use the imperial falcon ability that the leader infantry guy has. If you use the ability just outside the keep’s range, it will iluminate the castle allowing the trebuchet to destroy it.

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