Sacred empire rework and nerf

hello, I wanted to propose something and if possible I would like it to be supported as much as possible so that it is heard by the developers.

it’s specifically about the Prelate and the military-inspired buff on Castles, I think it would be much better if it was changed to a buff to activate an inspired active ability, obviously with similar or increased cooldown in time and area as the wololo.

This would go hand in hand with the regnitz cathedral landsmark nerf that boosts relics and the swabian palace that madly spams prelate and scout villagers haha.


In order to make use of the insiped warriors ability, you gotta position your prelates slightly behind the battlefield, where your reinforcements can properly join the battle inspired.

It’s specially powerful when fielding knights, due to their high attack and armor, specially the charge ability (gets faster into battle after being inspired, so more value on that).

Well… it’s a way to do it but it’s not effective you need several prelates and they cost 100 gold… you need about 5 for the inspiration to be profitable and constant in a large army because it takes time, on the other hand if there is units that attack from a distance you will have to move your prelates and your army, considering that the prelate is slower… it is simply not feasible and that without taking into account that it will be an easy target for archers, crossbowmen or manual artillerymen depending on the circumstances.

The economy of the Holy Roman Empire is usually the best, they can continuously send infantry, and they upgrade the age very quickly,

If it seems underwhelming right now, it might be because they are bugged. Prelates often think that a unit is already inspired when it’s not.

That said, yeah it can be really awkward to get the prelates to stand still within range of your army. I’d like it more if they could inspire while walking.

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I understand the frustration, but I believe this buff is not meant to buff the entire army. It would be just waaaay to strong. 15% damage and 1 armor might not seem like much, but in big battles even the slightest of advantages can snowball out of control.

I’m pretty sure this was taken into consideration by the devs, specially due to HRE having so many eco buffs. It’s the only civ with economic landmarks options every age. Some sensitive military buffs were added to the civ, but they have to be hard to pull off, otherwise the civ become way too broken.

What I would like to see, in the regard of inspired warriors is an increase in duration. Inspirind during combat doesn’t really make sense, specially because, in the current game state, that’s the Rus Warrior Monk who does that (inspiring everyone, even). So, considering the Prelate buff can be stronger, specially late game, it’s apropriate for it to be harder to do.

Even considering the prelate slow move speed, where your army has to go ahead, it makes sense, actually. HRE also have some mobile infantry, due to Marching Drills (not as strong as mongols, which should be nerfed to work only within the outpost radius, I guess), and that allow for some blitz positioning in the battlefield. If HRE would be able to also position their prelates in such speed, it would just be too much.

So, in summary, what I mean is that the changes you pointed out would translate into a lot more possibilities for HRE, and while I do agree the civ needs something, I believe that would just be too much in the military area.


I don’t play the Holy Roman Empire, but I think what you’re saying makes sense :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

And why? gives a better idea and justifies, your comment is very vague xD

First of all, I’m not frustrated, haha, it’s an idea and I had considered what you said, but I wanted to see how much force this is gaining and who else has ideas.

I’ve been thinking about this for months and that it could generate more attraction for people to come and improve or refute my idea and thus attract more attention.

The second thing is that obviously you would have to lower the damage bonus of the inspiration if it was in the area and reduce the time it lasts perhaps.

I had also thought about what you said that the bonus time will last much longer without having to change it to the idea I proposed, which as you say would be much better :thinking: and perhaps easier.

that if as for the nerf of the cathedral it seems to me that it is necessary but to a slight degree not something excessive and the palace of swabia that is very decisive in 4 age you want as you want spam very quickly instead of a minus 75 of it should be A minus 50 percentage seems more sensible to me, what do you think?

It’s not disappointing, at least for me, but if you need a little love, a cat’s hand haha.

The bug is not something serious but it can become tedious.

it can be removed by looking for the villager who didn’t start the bug, if you don’t forget which one, or if you didn’t notice which one it was, that’s the tedious thing then you just have to inspire him and the bug disappears.

the bug usually happens because one moves the prelate while inhaling and it’s usually the first prelate you create.

yes…, all of us who play with it know that.

but there are things that need to be improved and tweaked so that it sticks to the idea that the developers themselves say they want, and it is up to us as players to give feedback if we want that to happen faster.

well, I think you’ll wait for the stats after the mongols and arson lancers patch, and then think about other civilizations

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Well, you have a point, but i said this before, this is a proposal and the basis for people to complement and promote it according to what would be more in line with the situation of the game.

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