Sacred Site control in Team Games

Here is a scenario: In a Team Game, one team gains control over the Sacred Sites. But then before Sacred Site victory is achieved, the specific player who captured the Sacred Sites is eliminated via losing all their Landmarks.

In this situation, what happens? Do their teammates gain control of the Sacred Sites, allowing the Sacred Site Victory countdown to continue? Or do they become neutral because the player that captured them is eliminated from the game?

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It would make sense for the sacred site control to be lost.

Why opponents would eliminate a player instead of capturing one of the sacred sites I’m guessing would be a rare occurrence.

On a map like King of the Hill (which has just 1 Sacred Site), its pretty common for all players on a certain team to capture the single sacred site in the middle, and then heavily fortify it. In such a case, its sometimes easier to landmark snipe the controller rather than deal with a heavily entrenched sacred site.

But since I don’t know if eliminating the controller would actually accomplish anything, the risk of it not working has led me to never attempt it in an actual match.

Maybe make it easier for friendly players to gain control after a teammate has lost. But right now it does not make sense. A player is defeated, and he still controls the sacred site and the teammate wins the game.

It is in the end a strategy game. If someone controls the sacred site and it is extremely fortified, I would go after their base, them losing means they are out with everything they controlled, recapturing the sacred site resets the timer, or adds to it.