Sacret Sites Timer gameplay improvements

what do you think of sacret sites not resetting after decaping, so the timer is saved, when it is controlled again?
this would speed up the game (1h stall games) and the intensity overall.

this could of course make certain civs stronger,
but his could be balanced around positioning of the sites, or maybe the timer would count backwards to default so not all progress is lost, but only if oyu wait to long.

what do you think? pro and contra?


I think this is an interesting idea. It would definitely shift some civs to very defense oriented plays around them for sure, but I think it could help add some variety to the win-cons instead if it almost always being face-mashing your armyninto landmarks. Although that should still be the dominant, I think it could be good.

I don’t think is a good idea.

Why? Because there are civs that plays faster than others, and would make the game to a “capture the sacred sites speed run”

Delhi can conquer the sacred sites in feudal, it would be so easy to win as delhi so… You could conquer all, and if the enemy lasts 3-4 minutes to get one, then only 6 minutes remaining to win by sacred sites.

I think it would unbalance the game a lot.

An interesting idea is that the timer should reverse. e.g If 5 min were remaining and a sacred site remained neutral for 2 min, when you capture it again the timer starts from 7 min. If the opponent manages to capture one of sacred site the timer should reset. This will force both sides to keep contesting for a neutral sacred site.

you can make a lot different options.
in aoe2, usually it tested in small tourney (for 10k$… or 1k$).

timer ticking always, depends on number of SS you controlling.
control 2 and opponent control 1 → ur timer ticking faster etc.

it should be tested with small tourneys → show twitch viewers → devs should not be ■■■■■ to change balance.

But i’m afraid, devs never will do it, cause they were fixing mangonels 6 months.
and the fix was 1.5value-> 0.75value.
I think only Bill Gates can sign changes for SS.

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Better to do like in CoH 2 from the same developers, the one who has smaller amount of sacred places starts to lose points.
Or you can do something like if one of the sacred places successfully decapitated timer not reseting, but gradually gaining time which again will need to wait for victory.