Saison ranked Points

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Does anyone know how the points are calculated for the ranking of season one ? Is it simply ELO points or are other factors included here?


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Tahnk you for the answer

So if I unterstand it correctly the elo points are there to get together with real players and per won game you get about 13 to 19 points.
So to reach 1000 points you have to win a lot of games no matter what elo rank you already have

The confusing part is they named the mode Ranked.

Only in custom matches you don’t gain elo.

So elo is your overall strength. When you play Ranked or Quick match you win or lose elo depending on your opponent elo (like Chess for example).

Because the elo of a person stays the same the plays on Ranked influence the standings on quickmatch because quickmatch ladder is sorted by elo.

Now the question that one can put is: what’s the incentive to play quick match where there are no rewards.?

Equal ELO for two players mean something like, the chances for either of them to win are 50%. Meaning if everyone keeps the same skill level, you don’t learn anything new - neither your opponent - your rank will also not change since you win and loose half of your games.

My worry is, that at the beginning of the season not all players started to play yet… so you get into a higher rank, simply because there are less players. But then when people come and join the season, it can get very frustrating for many, that they get rolled over and move constantly down in the rank.

Of course, you could say, get better in the game :smiley: and conqueror rank was not meant for everyone. But you already see threads on the forum people being disappointed and frustrated that they have a loosing streak of 10+ matches.

So bacisally the more players there are the harder it should be to get to certain levels, since those threshold are based on skill distributions, aren’t they? Or maybe I misunderstood something with the ranks…

So basically my opinion is, that the Quick Match feature should be reworked to focus much more on causal play, where ELO ranking is an important part to be able to have fun, but not for the purpose to have higher rank.
The Ranked mode can be then the competitive aspect, where to earn points or get higher rank, you must get better.

Right now for not professional gamers like me, it’s really unclear what really the differences are between quick match and ranked other than getting some useless rewards in ranked - where many of us has no real chance to reach the “fancier” stuff.