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Hi Folks,

First time I’m posting here. I played AoE decades ago and liked it, but didn’t really get into it too much. I’m more of a Company of Heroes guy… well… I’m a huge fan of the series actually… but CoH3 was a huge disappointment for me. CoH2 is still fulfilling my RTS itch, but a change is welcomed too. I’ve been waiting for AoEIV to go on sale. My question for you folks is what do the different versions of the game have? In particular…

I’m guessing Vanilla AoEIV comes with the standard game (currently $24.99 CDN). How many factions are there in this version?

And then there is AoEIV Digital Deluxe Edition ($39.99 CDN). I’m not sure what this has.

Looks like AoEIV Anniversay Edition is available for $24.99 CDN, but I don’t think this is a sale price. I think this has two new factions, is that right?

And finally there is an AoEIV 25th Anniversay Collection bundle that is going for $65.86 CDN. Seems like this has AoE 1-3 and all their major DLC packages. I don’t think I’m too interested in playing AoE1-3 though. It also has AoEIV Anniversay Edition which gives two new factions, is that right? And it also has Age of Mythology, I don’t know what that is.

So if you folks could give me some input here as to what these different versions are, I would appreciate it.

I think I want to just get vanilla AoEIV and maybe get the Anniversay Edition if and when it goes on sale.

the game is bland but ok for few hours. I guess 20ish bucks is the real price tag of it

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If you ask on here, will mainly get people who dont like or play the game or own it. If you ask on aoe4 reddit everyone will say get it.

Theres 10civs and there all pretty different. It also normally has 3 holy sites that you can capture on skirmish maps . Kinda like coh

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Banners, sculptures, and some artists’ pictures etc.

Yes, it is a full game. Just buy that one.

In my opinion, the Digital Deluxe edition is just a waste of money, but if you want to support the company, buy it.

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Just buy the regular version the deluxe version is not worth the money.

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Just to avoid confusion: AoE 4 has been renamed to “Anniversary Edition” after last year’s anniversary update, so Anniverserary Edition is vanilla AoE 4.

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Just get the normal version, which is called Age of Empires IV Anniversary Edition (they just put that name when the game got 1 year old and slashed the price in half because it was unsellable as a full price game in its poor state even 1 year after release) it’s the complete game with all 10 civilizations.
Up until now there hasn’t been any DLC released for the game so don’t look for any “complete package” because there is none (the 2 new civs released in the Anniversary were free, they didn’t come with new campaigns).

The Deluxe Edition is just a rip-off that comes with a few absolutely not worth it extras. One of them being literally a .jpg

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