Salteadores getting smashed hard by nerfs

So, since the salteadores dropped with mexico they have been hit by nerfs, quite heavy nerfs tbh, and i cannot understand why.
Anyone got any idea, or any reason, as why they got nerfed so hard?

This patch they got a -10 food cost and they can get ~4.5 speed with the range card. I think those are pretty significant buffs.

Are you talking about soldados? Because salteadores are fine.

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No, soldados are fine, they were broken before with their grenade launcher card, now they are still strong, borderline OP maybe, but still very strong…
I clearly referring to Salteadores, the mexican skirmishers, which were rarely used since they weren’t on par with how broken the soldados were, and since their addition they got nerfs…
Sure, recently they got a cost buff (-10f) and observers card got buffed to give +5% speed, since it turns out that it wasn’t very used much by other players, unlike me that always used it even before, but they weren’t used before and they aren’t gonna be used now too since soldados were pretty much left untouched… Some tech or card about soldados got nerfed, even hard, but soldados remain a solid and better option than salteadores

I see this as win for Salteadores, their speed and stealth will win games, cheaper cost is nice too. Will try come up with some competitive strategies

Can you explain to me how a base speed of 4.25 and a stealth speed of 1.42 will win games?
I don’t want to sound rude, but it seems you know something that i ignore and i would like to know

Surprise! Just being able to pick fights when is advantageous can snowball. The nerf to villagers suggest that was potentially problematic but the changes suggest to go after armies more than eco, cards can make them decent range, faster still and stealth fast. The trade off being heavy investment of cards. Not an expect though so maybe I’m a bit off base

Well, my thinking about it was exactly that, but turned out that is just crap, sure, guerrilla tactic BB is really nice, and feel good, but it last 7 seconds and then is in cooldown for a long time…
If you are gonna try your strategy i am curious to know if it worked out if you want to share it

Will get back to you when I get a chance

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