Samurai special ability (Samurai Charge) and other changes

Hi I’m new here. I have been using the Japanese for a while and learning from the meta I see that the samurai are almost useless, it is preferable to concentrate the other 2 infantry units.

I’d like to see the samurai being a bit more viable, so I thought it would be nice if they had a special ability similar to what the Caroleans have:
Carolean ability

  • Samurai Charge: For the next 8 seconds, all Samurai have their speed increased by 1. 90 second cooldown; shared among all Samurai.

I think it’s a small change that makes the unit be more interesting.

What do you think?

Stats rework (Just spitting out some ideas)

On the other hand, I was thinking of other (more controversial) samurai changes. First, with the new civilizations and natives added to the game we can now see units that have double armor (Shock Rider), what if the samurai also have this? Something like 30% against melee and 30% against distance, in the end all samurai armor is heavy and is designed to also stop arrows and some bullets, and not to make them overpowered, the HP could be adjusted or in conjunction with the Previous proposal (Samurai Charge) remove resistance vs. ranged during charge or cooldown idk.

Other crazy ideas are to include some of the new added mechanics like deflection (Papal Guard) or promotions (promotes to Daimyo on max lvl if shogunate is builded) but I guess that would be overkill. And finally an adjustment to the cost of training maybe something like 110f and 90g to incentivize usage.

Thanks for your attention.


Actually, I’m sure you know, but cover mode giver 50% Ranged and siege resist. at 50% speed and attack debuff. I believe some units shouldn’t have all this much, it makes it pointless since can easily be kited with that much slow. Samurai could get back in the game with a little more speed in that stance.


Yeah cover mode… I think it’s additive so in cover mode you’ll end up with 80% ranged vs. But 30% is just to suggest, maybe it could be half current resistance vs melee (so 30% melee, 15% ranged).

Samurai’s stats are actually pretty good already.
Gaining the ability to charge, I don’t think it can solve the problem, that is, the Japanese civilization does not have a very large demand for hand heavy infantry, so that the player usually does not want to spend expensive costs and 2 people to train samurai.

How about making Samurai the best siege infantry in the game?
Personally I hope that they could gain the class of siege unit, giving them a new kind of role.

To do this, move them to Castles, after all siege units of Asian civilizations have to be trained at Castles, and nobles like samurai should culturally be supposed to come from castles.

Then add a new type of light-footed pikeman unit called Yari Ashigaru to Barracks, a cheap, fast-training but fragile and weak archaic heavy infantry.

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samurai with Onin Warfare & Samurai Attack are already like, the best age 2 siege (never mind that the daymio and Japanese cons can buff it even more).

The only tweak samurai probably need is to have 2 splash area instead of 1. they already perform very well, above average for hand infantry, and are very upgradeable. Because they are so strong, adding a charge ability is probably a lot risky, especially in team games. Their combination of extremely good hp, very high melee armour, incredible siege, massive base damage, excellent upgrade cards and aura buffs, and splash attack all mean the unit kinda definably needs to at least start out slow. If a charge ability was to be implemented, i would say it needs to be locked behind the age 3 card “Saint of the Sword” in addition to its current effects.

Yes, they are naturally suited to be siege units.

As far as I know, getting this new tag doesn’t affect or increase the siege damage, it’s just that units with this tag tend to have higher siege damage. In other words, the game allows you to even design a siege unit with very low siege damage if you want, which is just not in line with the purpose of this tag.

On the other hand, the biggest impact of this tag is that all fireable buildings except TCs take half the damage they do to the units. A decent but not too much bonus for Samurai. Also, becoming a castle unit is very much in line with what Japanese noble warriors should be like.

minutemen also do double damage to siege units, as do oprichniks. Putting them in the castle would be a nerf because then they’d be used even less. Castles are expensive, no one would use them at all. If anything the shinobi (tokugawa version) should be in the castle

The main thing holding back samurai from use is that ashigaru exist. I doubt Germany would bother with doppelsoldners if they had an S tier musketeer like Japan.


Samurai are not too afraid of these units by their own quality, plus you’ll always have other units acting with them.

Regardless of being a siege unit or not, I’m even willing to boost the samurai’s HP and attack by more than 10%, as long as they still maintain their high cost and become a castle unit.

Even though I think it’s better to reduce the cost while reducing the quality.

The Chinese would build castles for the Mongol army.

As long as more or better value is obtained, there will be people willing to build.
It is also a way to reduce the siege damage of the overly strong Ashigaru Musketeer to bring out the value of the Samurai.

the way to make samurai useable is absolutely not to put them in the castle that no one builds age 2,to make a unit few people use. leave it in the barracks so its available when its situationally strong (such as vs spammed Mexican pikes, ugh silly meme rush). The unit is fine, amazing even - - for hand infantry. People dont make them because literally 90% of japan players just spam pure ashigaru. Melee units, slow ones especially, can’t be spammed because they have a limited number before they start bumping into each other and dropping their dps. And since ashi cost 20% more (roughly) than a musketeer, while doing about 20% less dmg to cav, there’s not even much room for an ashi nerf early game without revision of the entire unit’s stat distribution

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Putting in charge abilities was such a mistake, now there’s call for putting charge ability on any and all units. The less frequent these anti-micro abilities are, the better imo.


The problem is not Samurai. The problem is hand heavy infantry, particularly the ones who are not pikemen.

This class has not been tackled to improve viability. Musketeers make them irrelevant. They are vulnerable to light infantry, musketeers, light cavalry and artillery and most of them have no ranged armor and slow speed.

I don’t think that buffing the speed is the solution. It will cripple the rock-paper-scissors system even further.
Just notice how many +4.0 speed and charging power heavy infantry units we have since D.E.


tbh they already have a speed buff in the form of sword saint and the golden pavilion and their base speed is already. The only real change they “need” is maybe a buff to sword saint, that cost increased never made sense

Move the card to age 4, 10% speed and +1 splash like how the buff to skull knights work and we are golden

The difference is that SK arent spammable

Yeah but its not like samurais are easy to spam either even with maxed japan eco

the card wont give any samurais so its not a comparable to SKs where its a massive death ball timing with shadow tech.

so you still need to mass samurais the old fashion way which is not cheap while also getting vet and guard tech and there are also no strong support shipment like 20 slingers as well.

It will be strong, but it wont be a complete beast

Sams are laming in treaty already with that ridicoulous siege attack, while GP can give them more speed. Not meta, but laming