Samurai, The Best Infantry Unit In The Game

Samurai are the best infantry unit in the game and here’s why:

The Coolness Factors
The Samurai looks much cooler than any infantry unit in the game, it’s beautiful armour, nice helmet and it’s sword makes it unique. SotL agrees.

The Actual Factors
Samurai can beat all other infantry with equal resources, it’s fast attack rate and bonus damage makes it dangerous to Huskarls and Berserks, it can patrol easily into units, has a very fast creation speed and it pairs well with Kataparuto trebuchets. I can go on forever about them and that isn’t a joke. Here’s SotL’s video about them.

It is an S-tier UU. And to quote SotL “Go, Japs!” :partying_face:

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Nope, Berserks are cooler


Japs is racially inflammatory.

Also, SOTL’s post came out before supplies, after which Champions are now quite cost effective.


Kamayuks carry the long spear.


Since when is a spear cooler than a sword?

Because remembers the badass macedonian phalanx


Just because they have helmets doesn’t mean they are cool.

Centurions and Phalanxes are cool but the Kamayuk isn’t.

Good job on derailing the thread, @FurtherLime7936 and @JoJo9942.

Samurai are badass in AOE 3, especially the Hatamoto Samurai:

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They also have capes and carry a freakin battleaxe, your argument is invalid


Samurai don’t need capes to look cool and a sword is way cooler than an axe. And keep in mind that Berserks get rekt by Samurai, sort of like like how wolves get rekt by Magyar villagers.

The problem is that no one is going to make infantry/slow UU against Japanese. They will make archer UU to snipe them from range or calvary UU to hit and run but most likely just generic units. It’s a tough sell most of the time because they die vs archers, too slow vs calvary, and are tough to mass vs generic units. Also your opponent needs to make their UU to let samurai have their full potential which they obviously won’t do most of the time. In theory, it’s a cool idea for a unit because you prevent your opponent from making their UU which is usually very good. In reality, generic units are the standard so it doesn’t really do much.

The only civ that allows the samurai to shine is against the goths, which is the only true “infantry” civ. Japanese militia line destroy goth militia line and samurai annihilate huskarls.


Japs have the best infantry because I prefer quality over quantity and cavalry isn’t a very good counter because Japanese Halbs are the best in the game.

At lower elo, Japanese are an infantry civ; at higher elo, Japanese are an archer civ.

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Infantry are way cooler than archers in a lot of cases, haven’t you seen any movies that have Knights in them?

I wasn’t talking about the looks of infantry units but just the practicality of them. Yeah they look cool but they sure aren’t going to win you many games. This game isn’t a beauty contest 11.

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I think not even goths, because Japanese militia line destroys the huskarls too


Samurais and berserkers are nothing to War Elephants. Elephantos all the way.

I wish though we can have a chariot unique unit perhaps driven by lions instead of horses. 11

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Coolest infantry in AoE2, that’s a title like “best shoelace tyer in our kindergarten”. Even if you win, you still lose.