Sashimono: The japanese war banners in the Teaser: Those are Clan Symbols? Which of them?

About the Mysterious flags in some new japanese units in the teaser:

During the second teaser, several units and buildings were revealed. One of the most speculated is about the samurai with flags on their backs, that served as a banner to differentiate the troops, just like those carried by standard bearers in medieval armies. normal Euro-Asian. Also called war flag, battle standard, etc.

The detail is as follows: There are at least 3 models of units with this banner: Range, Cavalry and Melee Infantry. Have you noticed the symbol it has? It is different in all 3. As a way of entertaining, let’s see if we can guess what each symbol of each banner represents before the official premiere comes out, whether or not its meaning is revealed at some point.

Here “a picture is worth a thousand words”:

Which clan do you believe those symbols correspond to, or what is their meaning?

  • For me are: Takeda symbol, QUAKE 1, and Sword. hehe. More theories in the commentary box.

Note: I discovered that there are up to 4 names for Japanese War banners:

  • Sachimono: “Small” war flag of base troops to differentiate armies.
  • Uma Jirushi: “Massive” cavalry war flag, for commanders and elite troops.
  • Nobori: “Long” war flag, rigid to differentiate between sub-divisions of the same army.
  • Hata-jirushi: “Long”, light war flag, precursor of the Nobori, with the same function.

Some articles:

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The banner on the horsemen looks more like the Meyui (diagonal eyes) Used by Kamei, Sasa clans.

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They chose a pattern that was not from any one clan in order to improve the versatility of the units.
Nonetheless, these patterns also serve a purpose
The Lancer Samurai chose a pattern very similar to that of the Takeda clan. Historically, the Takeda clan’s cavalry was impressive.
The Archer Samurai is the arrow hitting the bullseye, while the MAA Samurai is the literal sword

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