Save game skirmish (late game)— when I load game, game crashes

I have a valid save game that I created that I can’t load because it will crash AOE4 when I try to load. It will attempt to load then when the loading progress bar has got a good way through the game will exit without a trace (no error message).

I still have the save game on my machine if it would be helpful to share as an attachment.

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Something to think about is the recent patch will prevent saves from the previous patch from loading. As far as I’m aware the only saves that will still load are saves of the campaign games.

The game was saved it’s the latest patch. Happy to share the save if wanted.

Ahh that’s a shame. I guess wait for one of the devs to let you know what they’ll need to track this bug.

Hey @jigme21! If you can repro the crash and then contact support here
directly after with your warnings.log file, it would be extremely helpful.

Sorry to hear you are running into this, but thank you for reporting it!

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