Save your units from onager attackground


You need to start making a custom RPG scenario I think, you could have some pretty epic heal or necromancer style abilities with this kind of thing. The effects also look awesome.

On another note, can the heal effect work A) without the graphic, B) without the cost, and C) as just a small thing the monk does naturally with a low radius around the target, without needing to click lots?

i don’t know much on scenario and triggers

the area heal is not a natural thing (not a task unless game implements it as a feature) so it requires that area click. cost can be removed and graphic circle can be removed as well, radius can be adjusted to smaller too

Ok then. One more thing I think, can a variety of different units use different effects of this style? Just thinking along the RPG line here, although I’m too busy with other custom campaign stuff and general life to make one myself. Hopefully the game later allows the area heal as a base feature. In the meantime, could you send @rjgt3838 a DM explaining how to implement the aoe heal?

Where am i looking at?!

I expected some trick to learn to dodge onager or something like that. Turned out someone is just showing his editor skills or something like that?


yes, it is trickery tactic

If your units die via onager, there is an easy way to bring them back; this isn’t 100% click bait and is somewhat more accurate than not, from a certain point of view.