Saved games

Saved games, when deleted, still appear in the next game started.

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How do I delete my Saved games?

Game Version:

  • Build 34483
  • Platform Steam


I can’t delete any savegame because steam cloud restore it.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start AoE DE from steam with cloud sync enabled.
  2. Play campaign or random map.
  3. Save the game multiple times with different names.
  4. Close the game and go back to steam, wait cloud sync sync.
  5. Start AoE DE from steam.
  6. Open save game menu and delete saved games.
  7. Close the game and go back to steam, wait cloud sync sync.
  8. Start AoE DE from steam.
  9. Open save game menu, all deleted save game files is back.

Doesn’t matter if you delete from inside game or from game folders.
C:\Users\[…]\Games\Age of Empires DE\Users\[…]\Saved Games\*.aoegame
It always back.

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It happens with 35199 too, with both steam cloud enabled and disabled.

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It happens with 36211 too. Doesn’t matter if steam cloud sync is enabled or not. I delete saved games and it all reapear.


38862 +++++++++++++++++++++ :frowning:

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Did you disable save to cloud in Steam itself? You have to do that first before the deletes stick. Then delete from both places, but after the last server update, I am suspecting there is another place that has to do with XBOX and crossover, because mine keep coming back unless I delete them inside the game. The 2 places you have to delete from for sure are:

User>Current User>Saved Games as well as in
Steam>UserData>user number>1017900>remote.


Apparently, this issue is STILL present after update 46777.

Can confirm. I have still an old save for the Voices of Babylon campaign which I deleted (or at least attempted to) a couple of days ago. It is still there now that I opened the load game screen again.

Savegame files reappear on the saved games screen after restarting the game (build 46777)