Saving games in cloud suddenly appeared

aoe2 save games suddenly forced in to cloud with very little space, when full game is disturbed by autosave “no space in cloud, can only be saved local” every 2 minutes. Only singleplayer, can I get rid of this, in my opinion it only makes sense in multiplayer games.


I am having the same problem. What can we do?

I think it is primarily inteded for users with multiple PCs. So it is easier to share the saved games between those PCs.

You can disable it via steam: right click on aoe2 → properties → general → untick the steam cloud option

But I don’t know if this will also get rid of the warning. Maybe you have to free some space in the cloud first? In my case I can free space by deleting saved games. But I’ve also read some comments that claim that this did not work for them!?