Say your takes on Dynasty of India DLC

My takes:

  1. Hindustani should’ve had Elephant Hand Canoneer instead of this Ghulam which is a weird Eagle Warrior made from Castle. I find its use worse than the Eagle Warrior itself. Not a super fan of this unit.
  2. SEA civs should get Elephant Archer/Armored Elephant to some extent.
    Only civ that gets op is Vietnamese due to its UT. Maybe that tech can get a bit of nerf. Vietnamese really aren’t well known for Elephants compared to other civs and people still prefer Rattan/Xbow.
    Best civ that can benefit from it is Burmese. It finally fixes their ranged unit issue.
    Khmer will still be ok-ish. Armored Elephant can hit harder than usual. Probably becoming the best Siege unit in late game to clean trash units like Skirmisher much better than any other civs.
    Malay won’t effect much. Maybe cheaper Armored Elephants?
    Maybe Persians recieving Armored Elephant only like Hindustanis?
  3. Caravansarai should become UU for Saracens, Tatars, Persians as well. Especially Persians since that’s where it originates from?

DLC Rate 9/10. Campaigns especially Babur is the most memorable. It serves as a conclusion to Mongols saga. Felt like it was an end of journey from Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Kotyan Khan and finally Babur. (I have yet to finish Dravidian campaign)


Haven’t played the campaign yet but I can tell I’ll like the Babur campaign. Been playing skirmish and I really like the Hindustanis because of the buff on hand cannoneers and Dravidians (not because of Urumis) but because of that Thirisadai. Don’t really like the Ratha but do enjoy having ships self repair is nice. For the Gurjaras I don’t like the Shrivamsha Rider (lack of blast furnace) but the Chakram Thrower is nice.

I love the Ratha. It’s literally on of the coolest units in the game, and pretty much my sole army comp for the entire Bengali campaign.

I’ve been playing with the new civs all this last weekend, and I gotta say wow the devs really did an awesome job. Thank you all so much.

My favorite civs are hindustanis and bengalis. Hindustanis have a smooth eco-military growth. Pretty balanced pace for both. Bengalis have one of the most flexible eco thanks to their free vills; a little bit better than viking eco. Their regenerating ships allow consistent raiding in water and hybrid maps like islands and nomad.

My favorite units are shrivamsha riders and rathas. Awesome concept for both, and they are strong. Since I come from a sc background, I’m fond of them. Both suffer from the bad pathfinding though: when I want to focus attack on meele, they break formation to attack random targets or just stand there doing nothing.

From this dlc, the only changes I’d make are: Siege elephants -10f cost. Shrivamsha riders get +1 attack (non elite) and +1 LOS (non elite and elite). Improve pathfindings, and maybe, maybe, maaaaybe improve control groups to allow a unit to be in 2 different groups at the same time (for shrivamsha riders), and allow universal skill buttons for the group (for rathas) like in sc2. This’d make them stronger and easier to micro.

Anyway I’m really happy about this dlc, the civs are awesome. I hope my health can keep up to see chimus and wari in-game before everything ends.


I’m going to try it today. I hope I like one of the new civs

I feel like all those civs are pretty weak at 1v1s while pretty good at TGs - I think the elephantos (esp. the elephant archers) are pretty great against SOs in TGs (they simply don’t die), and have great pop efficiency, but they are just too difficult to amass 1v1.

totally agree

definitely, they’re 2 different units though, which is unfortunate. the melee ratha and ranged ratha. wish there was a way around it

Bengalis are trash, Shrivamshas are trash, Siege Elephants (not Armored Eles) are trash, Thirisadais are trash.