Scale landmark cost to how often it gets built in a similar ELO range

Here’s my thought - the best way to nerf/buff landmarks is the same way we are doing it with wonders: scaling.

If you scale the ingame cost of landmarks with how often they are built by players in a similar ELO range, then the problem will solve itself.

e.g. Meinwork palace is built in 30% of games in the current patch in the ELO 1300-1400 range, then it gets some amount (5-10%) cheaper than the base price, while the other landmark Aachen Chapel gets 5-10% more expensive for those players.

% up for debate.

I think this is an extremely interesting idea. Balance landmarks by adjusting the cost until people are indifferent between the options for each civ.

At a detailed level, it should probably just be the less chosen one that should be made cheaper, and the more chosen one should remain the same price, otherwise it will change the balance between civs.

Not sure it’s a great idea to have the cost of aging up with a particular strategy cost a mystery amount before each game starts or be different depending on what rank a player is.

My preference is making both landmarks of comparable strength, or the civilization strategies that utilize a given landmark of comparable strength, that each is viable.

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I still think making other landmarks stronger is a better idea.

No point in buffing one and nerfing another. Or penalizing someone for going for a more common strategy.

After all the goal of the game is to have more playable strategies. Given how bad the Abbey of Kings is, I’ll pay extra and age up with council hall anyway.

yeah i think they just need to make all the landmarks equally useful

Yes, I wouldn’t do either of those things, I’d just make the one that fewer people choose a bit cheaper in each monthly balance update until all landmarks are picked around 50% of the time. They could try to buff them in other ways, of course, but reducing the cost until it’s picked 50% of the time is an easy approach that shouldn’t cause balance problems, as it’s only making it equally desirable to the one that the existing balance was effectively based on.