Scale the gothic population bonus with max population


One of the civ bonus of the Goths is having a maximal population 10 higher than everybody else in imperial age. The strange thing is, it does not scale with the max population, giving it the potential of being very unbalanced on non-standard settings. On extreme settings, the standard +5% becomes a measly +2% for 500 units, or a massive +40% if you restrict the maximum to 25.

The proposed change is self-evident, make it a bonus percentage of maximal population instead of the current flat +10


Agree. The flat 10 make no sense imo.

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Agree. Make it 5-10%.

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I agree. The bonus was made when the max pop cap was 75, with +10 being about a 13% increase. The typical 200 max pop cap is a stealth nerf to the Goths population bonus, and changing the bonus to +13% is the best way to restore the original strength of this bonus while not breaking it in games with max pop caps different than 200.

But nerf Perfusion effect with it…

I don’t agree with restoring the original +13.3%. The Goths are currently above average when it comes to win rate, they certainly do not need a big buff.

I think a percentage of +8% would be just right. A slight buff currently in standard conditions (+16 for 200) just to say nothing is taken from them, and it would mean exactly 2 extra pops for each slice of 25, no argumentation about rounding up or down.


I don’t think it is necessary. Who cares about non-standard balance setting? flat +10 bonus on 200 population limit is balanced. neither broken nor useless.

For high population limit game like 500 pop limit, goths is much powerful than standard setting anyway, and they don’t need more buff on that.
For population limit lower than 200 (or even below 100), which game mode is played in that limit? Personal scenario or campaign? It really need change?

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