Scale Wonder cost to # of Players

Right now it’s too easy to sit back in a 3v3 or 4v4 and defend a wonder because of the cost. Likewise we rarely if ever see a wonder in a 1v1 pro game.

I’m proposing a scaled solution of 1000 Food/Wood/Gold/Stone per player with Mongols similarly scaled across their 3 resources.

1v1: 2000 f/w/g/s
2v2: 4000 f/w/g/s
3v3: 6000 f/w/g/s
4v4: 8000 f/w/g/s
FFA with 7 players: 7000 f/w/g/s etc.


Winning by wonder, a niche since '97 in pro (or even noob) 1 vs 1, so expecting to see them made practicable in this game, in that mode, is bizarre, as is the idea to make it more difficult to build a wonder in the game modes that are suited for one, those being bigger team games where the opportunity may readily present itself.

I don’t believe that the dynamic of defensible wonders in team games is something that merits change to the game, but it definitely merits a change in gameplay to combat it.

This would actually be a good change, way too easy to win with wonder in large tgs.

That is a really good idea!