Scenario AI not working

So I have recently been working on a scenario and I have been experiencing problems with the AI. The scenario is about an ancient battle and has several different towns that only are military buildings and houses and the ai are custom simply telling them to spam a certain number of units. The idea is to experience the numbers of battle. They all have virtually unlimited funds but part way through, the AI just stops training units. When I “steroids” it up to test, they all spam up to 230 units and an epic battle commences. However, after a bit, they just stop training units and the whole map goes idle. Has anyone experienced this before? If so are there any rules that the ai must follow before obeying its .ai list? If needed I can upload the scn

That’s quite strange. There is a “Retrains” column, if that’s filled the AI won’t replace the given unit. Could you post the contents of the AI file? Maybe there’s something in it. Also it might help to add the buildings the player has to the list (not houses but stables, barracks, etc.). 230 units is also a ton, is the AI spamming 240 units EACH at a time? Or 240 in total?

Thanks for the response. So I’ve done a lot of ai file work, and you’re right I do have the retrains column filled. My purpose is to recreate the numbers of forces in the real battle, so from start to finish, the file should train over 200 troops. To keep from unlimited numbers, I have limited each line to a few retrains…so each army has only a certain number.

The Assyrian player, for example, I think should have 1250 troop, so 250 units with 4 retrains each.
T4 Bowman 3 87 3
T75 Short_Swordsman____ 5 12 3
T41 Chariot_Archer 4 87 3
T93 Hoplite____ 6 0 3
T39 Horse_Archer____ 7 87 4

Now copy this ten times down the list. I cut out just a part of it to conserve space, but obviously this time 10 equals 250. There are 7 ai players, though most allied armies are much smaller, but the number of units on the field should be close to if not over 1,000. And yes, I have enough houses and buildings, and have raised the pop limit.

How can I upload the file?

Those commands look fine. Perhaps the AI just has trouble handling such numbers. To determine if retrains are a cause, try removing the retrains column (copy it into a separate AI file version to not lose work) and see if it produces troops until exhausted of resources. If that’s the case then the retrains are the culprit. Then it may be worth trying to command it to build less units per line and giving the same number of retrains. This’ll mean your file is much longer but if it works that won’t matter so much.