Scenario Editor ID list please

Hi. I was playing with the scenario editor, and was trying to use some triggers with cool effects I think about a unit that shoots the organ gun bullets instead of normal bullets, or even fire from the fire galley. Good thing is that I found this effect called Modify Attribute. However I have no idea which attribute should I place when trying to place this effect, I will like to have the units ID if you could please share it with us. Also the armor type, unsure which one is melee and which one the projectile armor. But thanks for adding those features this will sure change scenario editor forever.


You can open Advanced Genie Editor 3 under the steam folder AoE2DE/Tools_Builds.
You can explore the standard .dat of AoE2DE. You will see there are different types of armor and attack types for every unit. You can also create your own custom types!