Scenario Editor improvements

Scenario Editor has a lot of smaller issues especially when it comes to multiplayer scenarios and they said in the last Update that they were working on Scenario improvements so I made a small wish list:

  1. Fix the bugs. I can’t even play Scenarios in multiplayer at all right now and I it crashes every second time I click on test. I assume those are already being worked on.
  2. Allow us to set civilisation as fixed or variable, the same with teams. In AoE2 DE you can choose for every player if they can choose a civilisation in the lobby or if they have to use a specific one. This way scenario designers have more control and it allows campaign civilisations.
  3. Give all units sound clips for all civilisations. Just use the existing file clips like giving the German Cavalry Archer and Dragoon the audio clips of the War Wagon.
  4. Give us a home city editor with full freedom. You can’t manually edit home city files because the checksum. There is no reason to restrict them in a scenario. Allow us to have French Age 4 cards as Inca in Age 3 because why not.
  5. UI improvements like searches for “set tech status” trigger. And help us find some technologies like how is the Culverins Royale tech called? All the Asian Dynasty units and techs starting with y are so annoying to scroll through because you can’t jump to a letter.
  6. The amount of ground textures in a level is limited. Give us some tools to work with that like being able to completely replace on texture everywhere in the map. Also show us somewhere how many we can still use and how much we used up.
  7. Maybe allow us to include some custom images in a map so we can replace flags or maybe some icons.
  8. Add all the units and technologies to the different version of the same building on different civilisations like the Indian and Japanese barracks are different buildings in code even though the have the same roles. Same is also true for war hut and corral.
  9. Give us control over the secondary building style. For example let use chose Mediterranean building style for the Indians instead of always forcing Easter style buildings European buildings for every none European civilisation. Also a way to get the bandit cavalry styles from the second WarChiefs campaign without having to play either of this bandit civilisations (might already be possible but I don’t know how).

Don’t forget the most important one… for the love of God fix the “modify protounit” effect. The scenario editor doesn’t exist without it in my opinion. The problem is that the majority of the functions within modify protounit are non-functional and also cannot take a negative number

There are many things that aren’t working. Would be great to see them all fixed!


Bug fixes are top priority of course.
This was thought as wish list of improvements. Mostly things that are relatively easy to implement but would make the life of map creators easier.

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