Scenario Editor Issue Problems

I am having real difficulty with a scenario that I am working on.

One of my ai players keeps going off the rails. First, if I gave it a Town Center at all, it would start deleting mills that I provided, and which are attached to triggers. Then, I took away the TC, which did stop the deletions, and decided that this ai should not be able to build one. The ai has plenty of villagers already, and did not really need to make more. However, regardless of how many times I check the disabled buildings list and ensure that the TC is not allowed, the stupid ai still manages to build one every time, and in the same spot, making nearly all of the vills go chop wood in this obnoxious spot that ruins the effect of this ai being spread across the map in different villages.

Any ideas here? I really do not see how it is able to build TCs when I put it on the disabled building list.