Scenario Editor Keeps Crashing!

I’ve been trying to load one of my scenarios in AoE2: HD and it crashes! I’m in denial. All that work, and all of a sudden, I can’t access it! I had taken a great deal of work designing the map. Why does it do this? Is there a patch that can help get me around this? I really don’t want to start my scenario all over again. :sob:

You can try to parse it with AoE2ScenarioParser, do some changes (remove triggers, etc), then save it (do backup of original file first) and try to load it in scenario editor.

I would first try to remove all triggers and see, whether scenario loads then. If that works, then I would try to remove only some of triggers, till I find those, which cause crash.
By doing changes to the scenario file you might manage to get rid of that part, which causes crash. Hopefully this trial-and-error approach will work.