Scenario Editor: Make Indestructible Buildings

I’m looking to make buildings that can’t be destroyed. Only captured (through conversion or otherwise)

I’ve looked at two options both of which have their issues:

  1. Set health and armor super high. This just makes buildings really hard to destroy. However they can still be deleted by the owner at any time easily which is an issue.
  2. Making a trigger to respawn the building. This of course requires a huge number of triggers and knowing which buildings need to be indestructible.

Any ideas on how to make units indestructible both to attack and the delete key would be greatly appreciated.

Sidenote: I’ve noticed certain buildings like monuments can’t be deleted. If there is a way to apply this effect (including the capture mechanic) it would be just as good. It’s worth saying I don’t want to just place 40+ monuments on the map.

Thanks for reading and any help you can offer!

I need to use this mechanics on a tower as well. Anyone got an idea of how to achieve building indestructibility?

Simple solution I found out a while back. Change the Unit’s Dead ID to itself via modify attribute. If deleted/killed, it respawns itself. The downside is, it will never go away for the rest of the game unless you “remove” it.

I worked around it with settings HP to 10k and triggering repair when below 10k (because I wanted the current owner of the building to still be able to destroy it)

trigger I use is Effect - heal object give it enough so no matter the damage is don’t get destroyed. Make sure it’s on loop. Select the objects or define an area.

We need an update on this guide please

Disable object deletion and modify attribute - Regeneration Rate - to 30,000.

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did what you say, but with the trigger modify attribute, it’s stay red and I’m unable to select the barrack

Can you post a screenshot of your trigger setup?

it’s good I figure it out