Scenario editor modify attribute question

I’m making a scenario where i made tradeworkshops buildable through using triggers.
Now i’m scrolling through modify attribute. I want the tradeworkshop to be able to work like a relic. If it has something garissoned inside it generates gold.
I make it able to train merchants, and for the building to garrison them. But i can’t find a way if there is a possibility to let it generate gold based on garrisons.

I also can’t find an attribute to do something like modify the gold trickle of a monastry.

Is it mayble possible to let the tradeworkshop contain gold? Would that be possible with Modify Resource? i imagine not. But just thinking out loud.

I’m curious if anyone can help me.

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I don’t think you can quite do what you’re asking for here without important limitations, but you can do something kind of similar.

You can modify the resource productivity (including gold) of trade workshops via the Modify Resource trigger. So you could set all other resources to zero and have the gold productivity on the number of Merchants garrisoned. Its janky though because the Units Garrisoned condition isn’t very flexible and IIRC it can only be used on buildings existing when the scenario starts.

An easier and more intuitive way to do this would be to simply have trade workshops be the building where merchants are trained, and all trained merchants provide a gold trickle, regardless of garrisoning. You can do this with one trigger for every merchant (Own Objects) and use a looping negative gold tribute to GAIA.

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Thanks i’ve done this now

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